Link/2500 Setup and Maintenance

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This article lists basic instructions for setting up and maintaining your Ingenico Link/2500 terminal on ACME Payments with triPOS.

The Link/2500 is a wifi based terminal with a battery accessed by sliding open the backplate.

Step 1: Setup

  • Upon receiving the Link/2500 please plug it in to charge at least 1 hour.
  • Be sure to use the included charging cable and plug as they're different from consumer charging adapters you might have used with other USB-C devices.
  • When it has charged (the battery indicator in the upper right should have some bars on it), we can proceed with connecting it to your WiFI.
  • You will need:  Your WiFi access point SSID and associated password.  
    • Enter 0001 on the keypad to enter admin mode
    • Select communication mode and then wifi to ensure the device is connecting to WiFI
    • Click X and then reboot when it prompts
    • When rebooted and the triPOS logo is displayed, again enter 0001 to get to admin mode
    • Select WiFi parameters and turn it on if it's not on
    • Scan networks that are available, or enter your access point name manually if it's hidden.  If your SSID is listed, select it here.  Note:  If the device has a hard time seeing your SSID or you have to re-scan repeatedly, you could have latency issues doing transactions later.  Check that there's no disruptions between you and the access point (microwaves, cordless phones, too many walls).
    • Enter the password to your SSID
    • Select Default IP Configuration
      • If your network has DHCP, select this, otherwise enter in your network configuration.  Chances are you're going to be on DHCP.
    • Hit the X red key
    • Hit the green checkmark key to save your changes.
    • Hit the X red key to reboot
    • When you connect again to the network, you should be greeted with a 7 digit code starting with the letter P and 6 numbers, which changes every 15 minutes.  This is what we'll need to connect your device to the ACME Payments network

Step 2: Maintenance

  • Two main activities that you may need:
    • Reboot - While plugged into the charger, hold down the .,#* and yellow button and it will reboot
    • Shutdown - To conserve battery, while it is unplugged, hold down the .,#* and yellow button and it should shutdown
    • Reset - While it is off, plug in and hold down .,#* and yellow for 30 seconds.  It should reboot and indicate it's resetting hardware.  This will take you to a state where you can restart a setup with Step1, above.

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